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No More Miss Little Writer

April 4, 2017

I look at the date of this post, comparing it to the last, and hang my head in great shame. I do have something to show for my absence. I also have a plan of battle, as it were.


First thing's first:



That is the new cover of Ghostwalker. It was done by Dan through ebooklaunch.com if anyone's curious. I'll also stick a link to their Facebook page at the bottom of this post in the event you want to check out some more art, or may want to commission a cover for yourself.


I just greenlit the new mobi edition for the book so it can be sold through Amazon (exclusively), and I approved the rough-sketch for Soul Shatter this afternoon as well.


Here's the sneak peek on that:

I've started a career as a driver of semi-trucks in the real world. Class began in October. My license was obtained at the beginning of November. I went through orientation with the company in the days leading up to Christmas, and I've been driving since January after the New Year festivities were done and over with.


And considering it pays a heck of a lot better than $9.00 an hour, I've been able to get these new covers, and formats, and pay for editing, and so on and so forth. It's literally all been for you.


Okay, partly for me, but that's because I've been improving with time, and looking back on the massing reviews, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the presentation of the books. We all like shiny, beautiful things. And though I'm far from the worst editor, and I keep my manuscripts cleaner than I've ever kept my closet, you deserve better. And I deserved to see the books the way they were always meant to be, with covers I loved, and not just cobbled together on photoshop.


Thus I find myself here.


One by one, the books will fall off sites like Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and all associated distributors. After much soul-searching and research, I decided to place my bets on Amazon and its Kindle Unlimited program. I have faith that the new covers will attract more readers than before, and since I'll be able to sink some decent funds into advertising, it's no-holds-barred.


By the year's end, five books should be out: The entirety of The Spiderlily Chronicles, consisting of,



Soul Shatter

Ice Empress

Amor Fati


And the fifth is a pet-project, written for a friend. It still takes place in the same universe. No worries there. It's title?


Pretty as a Picture


I'll post more on what that one's about down the line.


Some of you may wonder what happened with my publisher I mentioned before? Considering the length of time between posts, a lot. The wonderful ladies running TDR have closed up shop, due to personal reasons, with circumstances beyond anyone's ability to control. I still keep in touch with Nikki, and my Valkyrie. In fact, I poached my Valkyrie as an editor for the books. She's been nothing short of extraordinary, and I owe her a debt of the deepest gratitude.


So there you have it. I'm putting on my big-author pants and paying to do things right. It's not cheap -woo wee it ain't cheap! But you deserve it. I deserve it. These stories, and world, deserve it.


Let's hope it pays off for everyone in the end.


www.ebooklaunch.com and its FB  page here.


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