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Iago Takes the Floor

July 12, 2016

So allow me to start by explaining that, starting from now, different characters will be helping me narrate blog posts. Only on the website will you see them break the fourth wall in this fashion. Without further adieu, here's Iago. Let's see what he has to say.




If there were a way out of this, I'd have left ages ago. But seeing as our "magnanimous creator" deigns I entertain you, entertain I shall.


That said, why are you still here?


Iago, be nice.


You should've written me nice if you were going to give me an order like that. Playing God isn't all it's cracked up to be, is it?


It's thanks to me that you get to act on your precious "aesthetics".


It's all fun and games until someone gets decapitated -I see you twiddling your thumbs back there.


Iago, you're going to work with me, or so-help-me-God, you WILL be nice in the next installment.


What would m'lady have of her humble servant?


That's better.


How about you start with what I've been up to?


We can move on from there.


Fine. Good people of this... what did you call it? A blog? Whatever, wherever, and whomever cares -my dearest lady has been shuffling scenes in order for her Editor-






Just run with it.


-for her "Valkyrie" to go over once she finishes Ghostwalker, which is estimated to be sometime by the end of this week.


Wait. I have a question.


Go on.


Since I already know what happens well in advance, and this Valkyrie has only gotten to that point, why do I have my current knowledge of events?


Because you exist here as I know you, which is well beyond what happens in Ghostwalker. And because you're mine, I can also prevent you from saying anything particularly... damning.


How unfortunate.


Speak for yourself.


Believe me, I am.


So now that I've said what you've wanted, may I go back to my devices, or do you have some other pleasant chores in mind?


As a matter of fact, I do. You can start by telling us more about yourself. I'll give you some knowledge of my world just for this purpose.


Well now. That's interesting...


It would seem I'm of Polynesian descent, as is Vale -an irritating little peon who has since grown into a bit of an eyesore. As a Stemling, I'm the child of at least one half-elven parent. This means that my slanted ears, acute hearing, and lifespan (some two hundred years) are permanent.


I have very defined curls, probably because my mother was what you'd call Irish. I think I may have also gotten the lightness of my eyes from her. They're brown, only unusually pale in hue.


Come to think of it, you've created quite the diverse cast. Why is that?


Probably because it's what I saw growing up as a kid. I was born in Chicago -diversity is the norm. Also, I started writing Ghostwalker when I was nine. You were actually one of the original characters that survived all seventeen complete revisions.


But my name was different. It was Rothiir back then.


Roe-theer. Yep. I changed it because my brother, who is NOT a reader by any stretch, was dragged into reading one of the early attempts. As an engineer with few creative bones in his body, his biggest complaint were the names he couldn't figure out how to pronounce.


So why Iago?


Because I read Othello my freshman year of high school. He was a scheming bastard and the name fit.


This may surprise you, but I'm honored.


It doesn't, but you're welcome. Otherwise I believe that concludes everything we needed to go over tonight, so head on back and do... whatever it is you do for fun.








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